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Upholstery Cleaning

Don't Get Soaked—Try Dry!

XL Carpet Care hand-cleans all upholstery, which is the safest and most thorough method ever developed. Yes, it might take us longer to complete the job than the super-fast steam cleaners, but we feel that the end result is definitely worth the extra time involved.

Here's how it works:

  1. First, we hand vacuum the entire upholstered area, paying special attention to common seating and arm areas. We vacuum deep into the cracks to remove lint, trash and the occasional kids toy.

  2. Once the entire surface has been prepped, the real cleaning will begin. We lightly pre-spray a special non-detergent solution onto one small section at a time. This soapless solution loosens up the dirt and oils.

  3. We take rolled french-towels and brush them lightly over the treated surfaces. These french-towels act as an absorbent sponge and the dirt magically transfers over from the upholstered area onto the toweling.

  4. As the toweling becomes saturated with dirt and grime, we roll the towel inward so as to continually use a fresh section. 

  5. We continue this time-consuming but highly effective process until the entire upholstered piece has been thoroughly cleaned. Like we said, it's not the fastest method but you will be amazed by how great it looks!

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