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Dry Carpet Cleaning

Don't Get Soaked—Try Dry!

XL Carpet Care uses the fantastic Dry Carpet Cleaning process. If you've never used Dry Carpet Cleaning before— well, you're in for a real treat! Dry Carpet Cleaning has SO many advantages over steam cleaning... here's how it works...

First, we mist the spots and the heavy traffic areas with a light pre-spray. This pre-spray contains a soapless detergent which loosens the dirts and oils. Then, we apply the Dry Cleaning Compound. This organic, all-natural, plant-based cleaning compound delivers the  cleaning ingredients to the carpet fibers in a safe and controlled manner.


The  machines work this compound deep into the carpet fibers and the dirt is quickly absorbed into the cleaning compound. We extract the dry cleaning compound with industrial strength vacuums and your carpet is dry and ready to be used in one hour or less! 

  • Deep Cleans to the bottom of the carpet fiber

  • Dries in minutes, not hours or days

  • No reappearing spots

  • No sticky soapy residue left behind to attract dirt

  • Recommended by major carpet manufacturers

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Expires: Sept 30, 2023
Minimum order applies
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