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XL Carpet Care has been using Dry Extraction to clean carpets in the Evergreen and Conifer area since 1989. (Wow, has it really been 25 years already?) We have clients that started using us in '89 and have never used another carpet cleaning company in 25 years time. We must be doing something right!

Our kids went to Evergreen High School and we often run into clients at Safeway and Anderson's Market. (Oops, Evergreen Market :-) While this may seem like unimportant trivia, we feel that it speaks to our longevity within the local community and our commitment to provide exceptional service at a fair price.

Don't Get Soaked — Try Dry!
There are many different carpet cleaning methods but we feel that only one system provides all the benefits without any of the potential problems that steam cleaning can cause.

Host Dry Extraction

  • Dry Extraction deep cleans your carpet, reduces dust mites and mold leaving it fresh, clean, dry and ready to use.
  • Dry Extraction cleaned carpets typically dry within one hour. Steam cleaning systems sometimes take days to dry.
  • Dry Extraction leaves a nice, fresh, clean scent. If you hate that wet dog smell that steam cleaning can leave behind — you're gonna love Dry Extraction.
  • Dry Extraction is safe for all carpet types, is non-toxic and recommended by major carpet mills.

Host Dry Carpet Cleaning meets Green Seal’s environmental standard for carpet cleaners. If you are ready to Go Green — read this info — and then call us for a quick quote. As we like to say, "Once you try dry — you'll never get soaked again!"

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  • Prolongs Carpet Life.
  • Carpets stay clean longer - no soapy residue left in carpet.
  • Our low-moisture method allows us to clean just the soiled areas without having to move furnishings.
  • Thoroughly deep cleans every fiber top to bottom.
  • Completely safe for kids and pets.
  • Nice, fresh clean scent - no wet dog smell like wet carpets.
  • Dries in one hour - unlike steam methods that take days.
  • Safe and recommended by carpet mills for all carpet types, including; Stain Resistant and Wool.
  • Carpet looks clean - stays clean.


Water Conservation
Using HOST saves water. How much water? 100 percent.
Most people think you need water to clean carpeting, and you do. You just don’t need a lot of it. The little moisture that is needed is already in HOST. Why waste water on cleaning? For example, if the US cleaned all of its carpet just once with HOST instead of hot water extraction, the US would save enough water to supply all of Chicago with drinking water for twelve years! Saving water is important. But so is saving money.

Water itself might not cost much, but think of the enviromental impact. Using Host Dry Extraction will also help eliminate hidden costs such as:

  • Using the air conditioning and fans to dry carpet and floors
  • Treating wastewater
  • Mold or microbes
  • Heating water for cleaning

Indoor Air Quality
Carpet provides the healthful role of filtering the air. It traps and holds soil, dust and allergens. The vertical pile of carpet traps and holds many times its weight in small particles, including dust and allergens, that enter into the indoor environment and descend onto it from above. Substantial research suggests carpet does not release these elements back into the air. However, just as it is important to clean or replace a furnace or HVAC filter, it’s important to routinely clean the carpets.

The HOST® System of applying HOST Dry Carpet Cleaner to the carpet, deep cleaning it into and through the carpet removes dirt and reduces allergens. Research studies have shown that one cleaning with the HOST System using HOST Machines reduces:

  • Dust mites by 78%
  • Dust Mite Allergen by 75%
  • Cat Allergen by 85%
  • Mold Spores by 85%

Testimonials From Our Clients

XL Carpet Care is tops! Dry Extraction gives a superior clean - far above any other we've used. We also enjoyed the XL personnel. They were courteous and professional. Very hard-working, a joy to have in our home.
Frank & Ginny Cole

I am completely sold on the dry carpet cleaning process! Carpets are ready to walk on immediately and new spots cleanup easier after XL has been here. Furthermore, I am always comfortable having the XL employees in my home. They are polite, friendly and hard workers!
Amy Bergevin

Very thorough, reliable and affordable. Love those girls!! I've used them for the past 20 years.
Carol Newkirk

It is truly refreshing to work with Alice from XL Carpet Care. She returns calls promptly, and tries to accommodate us was short notice and does a beautiful job on our upholstery and carpet. I've tried to carpet specials you get on on the phone and got burned. XLis reliable!
Melissa Calkin


Marketing Postcards
Here are a few of the postcards that we've sent out over the years. We'll add more images soon.
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